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'Black Mass' EP

'Black Mass' EP

'Black Mass' EP

Introducing the Black Mass EP, an innovative collaboration between the prolific composers Marc Canham and Duotone.

Expressively poignant, Black Mass harkens to a mysterious and enigmatic art, where fragile quietude melds with foreboding, pulsating tension. Featuring four cello led pieces, the EP explores the sonic variation capable of this emotionally charged instrument. Lyrical, textured and percussive, Duotone’s performances are manipulated and transformed into a kaleidoscope of submersive sound, accompanied by Canham’s shadowy electronic textures and twists.

Canham & Duotone are a complementary pairing, both being contemporary visionaries whose craft of overcoming musical limitations through their curiosity and subsequent exploration of new aural terrains. The Black Mass EP radiates this great pioneering ability, resulting in an emotionally profound and exquisite landscape of dark ethereality.

Marc Canham’s bespoke methodology is never constricted by compositional archetypes, instead continuously re-moulding auditory spectrums where the acoustic and the electronic synchronise. Canham’s compositions has resulted in a magnificent output of film and video game soundtracks, including an array of critically acclaimed works such as the score for cult thriller ‘The Disappearance of Alice Creed’, starring Gemma Arteton, and ‘CLOSE’, a 2019 Netflix Original, starring Noomi Rapace and directed by Vicky Jewson.

Multi-instrumentalist Duotone’s – the moniker of Barney Morse-Brown - unorthodox musical approach has shown incredible versatility in his usage of guitars, percussion, vocals and cellos, resulting in otherworldly and intimate soundscapes. A master in melancholic arrangements, Duotone has the ability to invite listeners into a contemplative and introspective realm. In addition to his solo work, Duotone is no stranger to musical collaboration and has recently toured the globe with multi-platinum artist Birdy. 

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