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The brainchild of Cellist and session musician Barney Morse-Brown, Sonics was developed to provide an online platform, primarily for classical string players to help you discover and explore your own unique musical voice. 

Through a series of exclusive tutorial videos, Barney will take you though a number of important skills to help you to play by ear, explore improvisation and harmony through to extended technique and experimentation through the use of effects to discover what your instrument can really do when you apply these new techniques.

With over ten years experience as a session musician with high-profile artists including Syrian Qanun player Maya Youssef, folk illuminati Jackie Oates, The Imagined Village, Eliza Carthy, Chris Wood and multi-platinum award-winning artist Birdy, Barney has developed his own unique style of playing and now, through his masterful use of live looping and effects, Barney offers you the chance to help you discover a new voice.


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