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To house his collection of pedals Barney has designed and created his own Signature Sounds pedal board. Made from laminated Lime, and Obeche for the riser, the Sonics pedal board is lightweight and depending on your own pedal collection, these boards will provide ample space for your effects and offer a hidden space under the riser to house mains power and any unsightly leads.

Built to spec, Sonics Pedal Boards are available to order in three standard sizes. 

For anyone requiring their own custom size, please contact us through the contact form and we will be happy to discuss your pedal board needs.


Carbon Copy - Analogue Delay
Immerse - Reverb
OC3 Super Octave
RC50 Loop Pedal

Plus Pedal

To help create texture, explore depth and build musical landscapes, Barney Morse-Brown has spent the last few years of his career refining his use of effects. 

Combined with his use of live looping, Barney is able to use his skills as a classically trained Cellist to explore and re-imagine the possibilities of what the Cello can do.

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