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Taken from a new album made back in 2019 with Drummer Ged Lynch, 'Ice Breaker' is the second track to be released in video form and sets the tone for the rest of this remarkably honest new album from Cellist & Live looper, Barney Morse-Brown. Recorded in the heart of Snowdonia National Park, North Wales, 'ICE BREAKER' opens a door onto an earthy, gritty collection of songs charting the songwriters own personal journey with the inner voice and the rise and falls of everyday life. Often working to bare scraps of ideas, Barney & Ged worked closely to shape these pieces into what they have become. Recorded and mixed by Mark Jones, this record has entirely been made possible by the willingness and generosity of both Ged & Mark who gave their all to enable this album to breath and have form.

'Close' Netflix

Featured musician on the official soundtrack. Composer - Marc Canham

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