'Quiet Talk'

A new and ever growing collection of meditative compositions for Cello and effects. Available elusively through  Duotone's Bandcamp subscription, this along with five more albums are now available. '

Instagram Soundtracks

is a series of bespoke compositions from acclaimed Cellist Barney Morse-Brown. Using images and videos posted by you, Barney underscores the imagery with a unique soundscape using just Cello and effects.

Let's Get Low

Written at home on his narrowboat, Let's Get Low reveals a songwriter who is unafraid to explore real-life experiences that are often hidden from view. After two years in the making, Let's Get Low presents a new perspective on his experiences and explores the meaning of home and his sense of place. He has made a remarkably optimistic collection of songs.

Work Harder & One Day You'll Find Her

Duotone’s first album, Work Harder, captures your emotions in this hauntingly beautiful tale of love and loss.

All records are available through Bandcamp

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A Life Reappearing


A Life Reappearing is inspired by
a book of paintings by Victoria Crowe. The book charts the remarkable life of Scottish shepherd Jenny Armstrong and Duotone's visceral response to Crowe's art gave him the spark to create; the unexpected parallels between his and Jenny's lives, and his reflections upon them, a wealth of material. The outcome is eight exquisitely-crafted new songs which muse upon the cycle of life and our journey from the dark to the light.

Exploration of the Deep'

Written solely for Cello and effect, 'Exploration of the Deep' is just that; an expedition into the depth of the instrument using the sea and all it's mysteries as the sole inspiration.


It is rare these days to find a record that is un-categorizable – but, Ropes, the second album by Duotone is just that. The emotion of the songs is never far away, whether it is the gorgeous singing of Raevennan Husbandes, emphasising loss on ‘Turning Pages Over’ or the final track, ‘Picture Box’, which drawing on the frailty of human existence wonders ‘If we’ll find land‘. Intriguing and intoxicating, it is well worth exploring the unique world of Duotone.

Duotone's debut album was released to critical acclaim in 2009

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