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Barney Morse-Brown of Duotone offers a window into his creative process, combining looping and live effects he crafts unique atmospheric musical landscapes. Having developed his unique live sound over the past ten years Duotone hopes to inspire a new approach to creative string playing, sharing tips and insights he wishes he knew sooner.

Releasing a new live video every month Duotone will use this platform to respond to a physical landscape (see images in 'Physical landscapes page) and through the use of extended techniques, effects and sonic experimentation; Duotone hopes to create a musical response to each landscape.

By subscribing to this channel you will travel through vast musical landscapes, gain an insight into the use of extended techniques, develop confidence in your approach to improvisation and effects and like Duotone, begin your journey to find your unique sound.

With over ten years live experience as a session musician with high-profile artists including folk illuminati Jackie Oates, The Imagined Village, Eliza Carthy, Chris Wood, LUSH, multi-platinum award-winning artist Birdy and Syrian Qanun player Maya Youssef.

Barney Morse-Brown's Cello playing has been featured on a number of records over the years including:

Syrian Dreams - Maya Youssef

The Waters and the Wild - Ninebarrow

Vacancy at NASA - Adam Barnes

AM - Richard Walters

Jackie Oates - Saturnine & The Joy of Living

Oly Ralfe - Notes from Another Sea

Porchlight & Rockingchairs - Jimpster

The Imagined Village - The Imagined Village

Empire and Love - The Imagined Village

Handmade Life - Chris Wood

Bending the Dark - The Imagined Village

The Sound Inside - Breaks Co-Op

Further credits can be found here